9 People who Caused Catastrophes for Dumb Reasons


From capsizing a ship while trying to get laid to the reason why doors open outward, we look 9 people who caused catastrophes for dumb reasons.

9 – Man causes highway pileup to save a cat,


  • Well most of us can’t stand to see Mr. Mittens get turned into road kill but sometimes it might be best to let nature take its course.
  • That didn’t occur to Michael James Schneider who decided to pull over and run out onto a Florida freeway to save an endangered feline. But when your parents warned you not to play in traffic they really meant don’t try and be a hero in traffic.
  • Michael’s random running out onto a freeway caused a 5 mile traffic jam, multiple car accidents, the death of a 75 year old driver and critical injuries to himself. Oh and the cat died too.

8 – 300 people die because someone put hinges on the wrong way,


  • Nightclubs are pretty horrible places, sticky floors, and terrible music and douche bags around every corner but at least they have fire exits.
  • But not in the 1940’s when a nightclub in Boston called the Cocoanut Grove caught fire. Now normally when something catches fire people panic and run for the doors but at Cocoanut grove the hinges on the doors opened inwards meaning that 490 people were pushing on doors they needed to pull.
  • The pressure of the mob forced the doors to stay shut meaning everyone pretty much burned to death. Experts believe that if the hinges faced the opposite way at least 300 people would have survived the blaze.

7 – Wildfire Started Because Arsonist was Worried Firefighters Were Bored,


  • It’s good to do something nice for the people who put their lives on the line to protect us, but I doubt burning down a forest classifies as “Nice”.
  • Oregon woman Sadie Renee Johnson started a fire on the side of a road using a firework before posting the resulting inferno to Facebook with the caption “Like my fire”. While the fire started out small it eventually burned down 51,000 acres causing over $8 million in damages.
  • The Facebook brag eventually brought the police to Sadie’s home where she plead guilty to arson. When asked why she did it she said was concerned the firefighters were bored. Next time just bake them a goddamn cake or something.

6 – Cruise ship capsizes because the captain wanted to impress his girlfriend,


  • We all do stupid things to try and get laid but most of the time it doesn’t end with the deaths of 32 people and you going to jail.
  • The Italian cruise ship Costa Concordia made headlines around the globe when it capsized in shallow waters that were not on the planned route. Captain Schettino made the sudden course alteration to impress his new girlfriend with a “Sail-by Salute”.
  • Schettino ended up going to jail for being a dumb ass and killing his passengers for trying to get a woman to go down on him…well something ended up going down.

5 – 100 people die because a band wanted to look cool,


  • Oh man I got these killer fireworks that are just going to set the audience alight guys, it’s gonna be so cool.
  • At least that’s what must have gone through the head of the tour manager for metal band Jack Russell’s Great White right before he burned down the nightclub they were rockin’ out in. The pyrotechnic display ignited acoustic foam on the roof of the venue, setting it ablaze and killing 100 people.
  • Among the dead was the band’s guitarist Ty Longely which probably makes Daniel Biechele the worst tour manager of all time. Yes worse than the guy who organised the Altamont concert for the Rolling Stones.


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