9 Pranks That Went Horribly Wrong


From feeding your teachers hash brownies to­­­­­­ faking your death to torment your ex-wife, we count nine pranks that went horribly wrong!

9 – Cross-Dressing Doll gets Security Officer the Sack,


  • In 1990, Toy ‘R’ Us nightwatchman Ron Zero decided to spice up his shift – not with hash brownies, but by dressing up one of the Ken dolls in Barbie’s clothes.
  • Seems like a harmless enough prank – until customer Carina Guillot and her twelve-year-old daughter Jocelyn later caught sight of the unique Mattel doll and thought they had a rare collector’s item. The cashier did not dissuade them.
  • Not long after, the pair was offered a cool four grand for their rare find. The story quickly went national and the bored nightwatchman was forced to own up to his gag. The whole thing caused such a drama that Ron was fired four days later. The moral? Dressing dolls in drag isn’t cool, kids.

8 – Co-Worker Set Alight for Announcing Wedding,


  • Forget strippers and beer, in 2010 concreter Gianni Catanzaro had a different kind of bachelor party experience – one that resembled torture. On the eve of his wedding, Gianni was grabbed by two of his co-workers, punched in the groin and had his hands and legs bound with duct tape. With friends like that who needs enemies?
  • His supervisor, Leonardo Zaccardelli, hacked off Gianni’s clothes with a knife and pelted him with eggs while he stood in his underwear. This was supposed to be the end of the prank, but Zaccardelli took it too far, pouring petrol at Gianni’s feet and setting it alight. Gianni was unable to escape and had his legs badly burnt.
  • Gianni was wheelchair-bound and had to be taken to hospital nearly every day. His wedding and honeymoon were subsequently ruined and it took him so long to recover from his burns that he lost his job. The two workers responsible were fined and received good behaviour bonds.

7 – Dentist Gets Caught Turning Patient into Pig,


  • Dr Robert Woo is a dentist with a strange sense of humour. While doing light dental work on an employee, he decided to install a pair of false boar tusks over her teeth.
  • The gag was a bit of an inside joke, as this particular employee had grown up on a pig farm. Woo took a photo of his tusked patient while she was still anaesthetised, then removed the tusks and replaced them with the usual caps – no harm done.
  • Woo could not help sharing the pictures with the rest of the office, but when Miss Temporary Piggy found out she was not amused and sued her boss for $250,000.
  • Woo’s insurance company refused to cover the suit, so Woo sued them, forcing them to fork out $750,000. I mean, they cover fire and theft, but not ‘turning your disgruntled employee into a pig’ That’s just ridiculous.

6 – Heart Attack Induced by False Deadline,


  • Glenn Howlett was a London City Hall worker and textbook workaholic who could always be seen racing about trying to meet deadlines. While on holiday, Glenn received a memo that the stressful report he’d been working on was actually due two weeks earlier than he’d planned for.
  • Returning home, Glenn and his workers raced to meet the impossible deadline. The stress he experienced was so great that he collapsed from a suspected heart attack.
  • From his hospital bed, Glenn apologised for failing to meet the deadline and applied for a dishonourable early retirement. The pranksters were then forced to inform him about their hilarious joke.
  • Glenn promptly sued City Hall for damages and, weeks later, a memo was sent around discouraging workers from pulling pranks. The memo was sent on April 1st…


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