9 Strange & Disturbing Things That Have Happened At Schools

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From aliens landing in the playground to horrible hazing we look at 9 strange & disturbing things that have happened at schools.

9. Westall UFO


  • Imagine you are studying algebra…badly and then the perfect distraction comes along, a UFO landing outside your school.
  • That’s exactly what happened for students at this Melbourne school in 1966 when an unidentified craft landed in a nearby paddock. 200 students and teachers saw the odd sight before it took off again.
  • The craft was then pursued by light aircraft before it vanished. Since then the event has been explained as a weather balloon that was off course but it hasn’t explained away some of the details… like how a bunch of people would not be able to recognize a simple balloon.
  1. Vampire Ghosts
  • Ever had to wonder if today is the day you are going to get attacked by a vampire ghost at school?
  • No? Well kids in Malaysia have been lately. At least 20 cases of Pontianak attacks where female students have been psychically pinned to the ground with no explanation seen. Pontianak are described in Malaysian folklore as being vampire spirits that are the ghosts of women who died in child birth.
  • It’s not just one school that has been victim to the strange behaviors. But doctors have blamed a recent heat wave and fear from other reports creating a mass hysteria that has spread across schools. Ghosts or heat, you decide.
  1. Pocatello High Ghost
  • Normally when someone says the school is haunted, there normally isn’t video footage to back that up.
  • Pocatello High has been the site of many strange stories including legends of a ghost roaming its halls. Most of these legends have come about because at least 6 people have died on school grounds.
  • But recently surveillance camera captured lights flickering and the faint outline of what looks to be the shape of a person walking down the hallway. Yeah that’s a whole lotta nope right there.
  1. Broomstick Hazing


  • Hazing is pretty much part and parcel of being in school but sticking a broom up someone’s ass is taking it a little too far.
  • A freshman student at Rancho Bernardo High School was victim to the unusual ritual of raping new baseball team members with a broom handle… at least I hope it was only the handle.
  • The three team members accused of the sexual assault pled guilty and even more students came out as victims of bizarre hazing. Seriously not cool guys, you can give someone really awful splinters that way.
  1. Chopticon High School
  • Most haunted school stories are based on rumors that someone once died somewhere but this school had a genuine murder on campus.
  • In 1983 Chopticon High School teacher Beverly Jo Heater was brutally stabbed and then raped by a janitor Lester Broome. Since then students have reported weird things occurring on school grounds.
  • Sounds of tapping heels and can be heard in empty rooms. Some students have even reported the sounds of footsteps coming right up to them. Which may sound tame but a teacher’s spirit being trapped, forever watching over the students sounds pretty horrible.


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