9 Strange & Disturbing Things You Can Buy On The Black Market


From strange bodily fluids to the scariest drug in the world we look at 9 Strange & Disturbing Things You Can Buy On The Black Market. 

  1. Human Hair


  • Sometimes that artificial hair just wont cut it for that new wig you desperately need, lucky for you there’s the black market.
  • Human hair is quite the staple in the underground, with India being the chief supplier of other people’s unwanted mops. Of course lots of the product has been acquired in the legitimate way.
  • Y’know by breaking into salons and stealing it…I’m sure that’s the nice way they get it as well. I suppose if you are desperate for perfect extensions then it’s worth the shady deals right?
  1. Sperm


  • Apparently the world is facing a shortage of sperm donations due to high demand, so good news people with testicles…there’s gold in your underwear.
  • Underground sellers have taken advantage of the shortage, selling the life giving goop at a premium to…whoever the hell needs to by semen so badly?
  • This has a lot of risks to it though. Normally when you acquire semen… that’s not from a lover that is, you get the “healthy non diseased, no STD” stamp of approval from a sperm bank. Hopefully whoever is buying this man sludge exercises a little bit of common sense with what they put in their body.
  1. Silicone Masks


  • In need of a great mask for Halloween but short on cash? Well or criminal friends have you covered.
  • “movie quality” silicone masks have been spotted for sale on the deep web insuating that they have probably been stolen from a film studio. But hey who cares about that, I need to get that costume perfect.
  • This just seems weird and creepy, of all the things you could be making money off, why not just open a real store to sell masks…eh that’s probably harder than being a criminal.
  1. Fake Degrees


  • Ever get the sneaking suspicion that your doctor doesn’t know what he’s talking about even though his degree is right there on the wall?
  • I don’t want to feed into your paranoia but he may have acquired that fancy Harvard medical degree without going through the vicious hazing of a college education.
  • Yes, want to be a lawyer? Dentist? Broke Liberal Arts graduate? Now you can for only spending a fraction of the amount that years in higher education will cost. But it’s only a matter of time before the lack of actually knowing what they are doing gets them busted. “look right here, I graduated from Cambradge”.


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