9 Strangest Animal Mutations.

From strangely colored sea creatures to animal hybrids that shouldn’t exist we look at 9 Strangest Animal Mutations.


  1. Horse Zebra


  • Well if you ever wanted to see what would happen if you tried to Frankenstein a Zebra and Horse than this is it.
  • While it looks like somebody tried to replace a parts of dying Zebra with Horse parts, it’s actually just albinism. You know that thing that makes creepy kids with mind kind control powers? But in Zebras it just makes them look like horses.
  • Most end up just losing all their stripes but this lucky guy got to keep a lot of them. Huh take away a zebra’s stripes and they really don’t seem that special.
  1. Squittens


  • What has the cunning acorn finding sense of a squirrel and the adorable nature of a kitten? A Squitten of course.
  • What’s that? What the hell is a squitten? Well it’s a cat that has a genetic mutation causing either its back legs to grow long or its front legs to grow short. Hence it resembles the posture of a squirrel.
  • Unfortunately this mutation does not allow the cats to be better at finding acorns, I lied there. The mutant cats are also sometimes referred to as kangaroo cats but that just doesn’t quite have the same ring as squittens
  1. Blue Lobsters


  • Seeing animal wearing a different color than we are used to always seems to come off strange, that’s the case with these blue lobsters.
  • This garish bright blue sea dwellers look nowhere near as appetizing as their bright red brothers. Which is a good thing for them really. Anyhow the change in their shell color is quite common, some can even be one color on one side and different on the other.
  • The pigment change is due to a genetic abnormality that causes the lobster to produce more of a specific protein than normal then science happens and viola blue lobsters.
  1. Octogoat


  • What do you get when you cross a goat with an octopus?….you don’t want to know.
  • Ah of course you do, this mutated goat was born with eight legs which quickly got it the laziest nickname imaginable, Octogoat. Octogoat didn’t live long, dying due to complications from its mutation but it was well looked after buy its owner.
  • See this stuff happens when there are two embryos and one of them absorbs the other one. Which means four of those legs belonged to that goat’s brother who he absorbed. Well at least it wasn’t a cat with four legs…then we’d have to make an Octopussy joke.
  1. Two headed Cat


  • They say two heads are better than one but…I don’t think that’s actually true. At least not for these cat.
  • Janus cats, named after the roman god who had two faces, are a fairly well known animal mutation. Most of these cats don’t live long as the whole having two heads thing leads to many health complications.
  • However the world’s oldest Janus cat only died a few years ago, Frankenlouie (or Frank and Louie) who holds the Guinness World Record. The little guy managed to live 15 healthy years after vets only giving him days to live. His death was also unrelated from having two heads.


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