9 Strangest Christmas Gifts People Have Received


From lewd Christmas decorations to animal body parts, we count 9 of the strangest Christmas gifts people have received.

9. The ‘Mouse’ Pad


There’s absolutely nothing wrong with receiving a mouse pad for Christmas, unless you don’t own a computer in which case… get with the 21st century!

Mouse pads are named after the peripheral that glides across them, and are typically made of rubber and some kind of fabric. This particular mouse pad, well, is made from an actual rodent. It looks more like a rat than a mouse, but regardless it’s still strange. Imagine gliding your computer mouse across a rodent’s fur.

Let’s hope the recipient isn’t a member of PETA.

8. A Bone to Pick


Common gifts to give co-workers at Christmas can include gift cards, candles, coffee mugs – really anything as long as it doesn’t cost you a trip to the HR office.

One woman received something unusual from a co-worker. It wasn’t anything close to what a co-worker might buy. When the woman opened the package, she found what appeared to be a curved bone. Her co-worker said that it was the bone of a raccoon’s penis, and that as soon as she saw it in the store, she knew it was for her.

The gift-giver, by the way, was the daughter of the woman’s boss!

7. Cavities for Christmas


The Christmas season is synonymous with eating all sorts of goodies. This can not only lead to weight gain, but cavities if you’re not careful.

A dentistry student mentioned to her friend that she was preparing for her exams that involved extracting teeth. Her friend got an idea for a Christmas gift and called her father who was a dentist. When Christmas time came, the student opened a well-wrapped package with nice wrapping paper and a bow. What she found was a gift that did have to do with dentistry, but was nowhere near normal. There were several extracted teeth inside, thanks to her friend’s father.

Nothing says “Merry Christmas” like rotten extracted teeth.

6. Oh, Baby


Many parents love seeing their children come Christmas time, especially when they’re grown up and don’t get a chance to see them otherwise.

A reason parents get so excited about seeing their adult children at Christmas – or any holiday – is to know what’s new in their life. Did they get a promotion? Do they have a significant other? Did they have a child? This one woman, a reddit user, definitely didn’t have the latter because she got a pregnancy test kit for Christmas. Given the context we have, there’s no way to tell why her mother gave her a pregnancy test kit.

It was probably just a passive-aggressive way for her mother to tell her that she wants a grandchild… and soon!

5. I See London…


Re-gifting is nothing unusual, but this reddit user’s godmother took it to a whole new level. The level for this one would be weird and disturbing.

The user received underwear from their godmother. That’s unusual, but that’s not why this made our list. The underwear the user received as a gift was actually used by the godfather! That’s right… the underwear the user received was used.

Reddit user, if you happen to receive a toothbrush from your godparents next Christmas, be wary.


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