9 Strangest Things People Tried to Trade Sex For


From virtual gold to getting a side of sex with your happy meal, we look at 9 Strangest Things People Tried to Trade Sex For.

  1. An Xbox 360


  • There’s nothing quite like offering up your anal virginity so your kid can play Halo 3 all day.
  • This mother decided that putting her “Ass Cherry” up for poppin’ was well worth the sacrifice so her son could play video games all day. In her defense it wasn’t just because she couldn’t afford it, this was 2005 and console was sold out in stores.
  • She even offered to throw in some oral sex if it came with a few games, quite the trade for your copy of Call of Duty 2 and FIFA 06. The things parents do for their kids.
  1. A Fancy Telescope


  • Nothing quite gets the ladies moist than offering them an expensive telescope for sex.
  • I’m not sure who this guy was trying to appeal to when he decided that a telescope was the perfect bait to get some action. This probably didn’t work out too well for the poor guy, telescopes are hardly the hot tech item that people are willing to lay their Ass Cherry down for.
  • Huh, too bad that last woman’s kid didn’t want to stargaze instead of playing video games or these two could have made a perfect match.
  1. A Cronut


  • Everyone hates waiting in line for food but would it be really be worth giving a stranger a blowjob just so you could get a Cronut?
  • If you don’t remember Cronuts where the crossbreeding of croissants and donuts, people in New York were lining up for hours to get one. And that’s when one perverted capitalist came up with the perfect business model, 1 Cronut equals 1 blowjob.
  • Posted under the title “Seeking a Cronut Slut” this guy probably got flooded with hundreds of requests daily, just don’t ask for the Cronut with the special glaze.
  1. WOW Gold


  • We all have that friend who takes gaming a little bit too far, especially when they start trading sexual favors for gold.
  • Not real gold that is, virtual gold in World of Warcraft. Needing 5000 gold to procure herself an “Epic Flying Mount”. Seems like a fair exchange right? One mount for another.
  • The ad also detailed that user in question would prefer the sex to be roleplayed based but other than that, if you had the gold you got the goal. By the sounds some player filled the position and two people got to level up that day.
  1. Panda-Moan-ium


  • Desperately need to see a Panda bear but the zoo’s tickets are all sold out? Well let somebody give you a hand.
  • Err…actually that should be give somebody a hand. This Zoology major was more than a little obsessed to see the endangered bear, offering up a handjob to whoever could fill her panda desires.
  • Hell she said she’ll even make it a blowjob if you’re cute enough. Now that’s gratitude. Kinda sounds like a really terrible teen sex comedy, Imagine all the hijinks that would come with trying to get those tickets.


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  • Wat (19%)
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