9 Things Everyone Hates For No Reason


From disrespecting your elders to every annoying pop star ever, we look at 9 things everyone hates for no reason.

  1. Hipsters


  • There’s something about people doing things “ironically” that pisses us all off. Yeah, y’know pop culture’s newest whipping boy…The HIPSTER.
  • The way television and the internet you’d think hipsters burst into everyone’s homes, forced vegan food down their throats before stealing all your old clothes and chastising your taste in beer. But in reality we just hate them…because…reasons?
  • Now before you write a comment about how some guy with a waxed moustache was a douchebag to you because you didn’t listen to Neutral Milk Hotel, remember we are talking about a widespread hate. So much so that hipsters even hate hipsters. Ehh… they were probably doing that before it was cool.
  1. Selfies


  • Nothing seems to piss old people off more than a bunch of lazy Millennials taking photos of themselves.
  • Hell it’s not even limited to old people, we all seem to hate it. Y’know you’ve got that one Facebook friend that takes a million selfies in a day, at the park, eating lunch, taking a dump. And that’s now normal and we all hate it.
  • But we continue to do it because it’s not OUR selfies that’s the problem, it’s all the rest of you scum. But what you don’t realize is that the next time you upload a pic of you having lunch outside, you make someone hate you just a little bit more.
  1. Vapers


  • Well people have always had a problem with smokers but that was normally because smoke is unpleasant, so why does vaping get so much crap?
  • Vaping is another recent whipping boy that people have decided deserves 40 lashes. Given that vaping has no smell and generally doesn’t affect anyone near it, the only explanation for it must be the fact that some Vape users won’t shut the hell up about it.
  • Still it seems like people hate the whole fact that vaping exists or that others enjoy it. Then again maybe we all just have a primal desire to make fun of someone who looks like they are blowing a robot.
  1. Furries


  • With all the weird and wonderful things on this great world wide web, isn’t it strange that Furries are the ones that got the short end of the stick?
  • Well them and Bronies I guess. Yes those tail loving, growling people who dress up in furry character suits somehow offended all of us that weren’t really into that thing. Hell even “CSI” took a crack at them.
  • So what did they do to deserve it all? No idea other than being weird and creating a large amount of porn. Still unless some guy in a sonic costume starts humping your leg, we should probably lay off them…they have it hard enough already in those suits.
  1. Public Displays of Affection


  • Nothing can turn your stomach more than seeing a couple eating each other’s faces in a public place.
  • Public displays of affection are again something harmless, they don’t normally pull random people in their make out session but we still despise them. Now most would put it up to “Oh you’re just jealous that they have a love life and yoouuuuu don’t!”
  • But this isn’t just something that just virginal, basement dwelling, neckbeards complain about. It’s pretty common for people in relationships to have a problem with all access make out session as well. Maybe we all just feel a little awkward seeing someone get dry humped in public.