9 Unexplainable Weird Things We Do.


From locking lips with fellow homo-sapiens to adrenalin-fuelled chicken skin, we count 9 weird things we do that can’t be explained.


9 – Kissing


  • The age-old tradition for two homo-sapiens pushing their lips together in a sweet embrace is considered the ultimate romantic gesture. But why?
  • There is no logical function behind kissing. It’s not necessary for survival, though it is common in the ritual of seduction. The best guess by science so far is that we lock lips in order to get our faces close to potential mates, and then sniff the quality of their pheromones.
  • If the partner’s pheromones are enticing, then chances are they will provide good offspring. If they stink like garbage, then they might not be worth calling again.

8 – Laughter


  • Whether it’s fart jokes, impersonations or some good old fashioned schadenfreude, there’s always something that makes people chuckle.
  • No one really understands why we have a physical reaction to things we find funny. Some people giggle, and some people bellow, some people rock back and forth in a silent laughing fever. It has more than a social function, because some of us laugh when we’re alone or when we’re not supposed to.
  • What’s even weirder is that sometimes laughing is combined with crying, two opposite and unexplainable human activities.

7 – Dreams


  • What possible reason could there be for dreaming about your grandma riding a go-kart in a snow-storm or teeth falling out of your mouth?
  • Sigmund Freud’s theory is that dreams are desires that we don’t consciously acknowledge while we’re awake. Other people believe that dreams and nightmares are designed to keep us humans on our toes in case of predators attacking in the night.
  • Dreams can feel extremely unsettling, particularly if you suddenly realise you’re in a dream – a phenomenon known as lucid dreaming.

6 – Pareidolia


  • The sensation of seeing faces in everyday objects – like seeing the face of Christ on a burnt piece of toast – is called pareidolia.
  • When early humans looked up at the moon, some of them could swear they see a face. A burnt grilled cheese sandwich once sold for almost $30,000 in an online auction because it appeared to look like the virgin Mary. Scientists think we see faces in things as a way to help quickly recognise faces in dark or threatening environments.
  • Sometimes once you see a face; it feels almost impossible to unsee it.


  • Wat (47%)
  • No (19%)
  • Epic (14%)
  • Lewd (11%)
  • Creepy (9%)

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