9 Weirdest Things People Have Swallowed

From swallowing evidence in a crime to why you should never eat things off the floor, we look 9 Weirdest Things People Have Swallowed.


  1. Cell Phone


  • Smuggling things into prison is never easy, but normally it’s done through the other end if you get what I mean.
  • This time however an Irish prisoner tried to hide a cellphone by ingesting it. Now I’m sure if you read the manual that came with your phone, swallowing the thing isn’t recommended. So you might understand why this would cause about a million issues.
  • After being rushed to hospital, doctors tried multiple tools to bring the phone up through the esophagus but failed. Eventually the prisoner had to be operated on, but hey anything is worse than prison right?
  1. A Lighter


  • How long do you think you could have a cigarette lighter in your stomach for before you would consider seeing a doctor? A week? A month?
  • How about 17 months? Well that’s what this insane Croatian man did after swallowing the lighter in a police station. Deciding that it wasn’t worth doing anything about he just left it in his belly until I guess one day he remembered…like he’d left the gas on or something.
  • But considering that he was in that police station for suspicion of drug trafficking maybe it was actually evidence, in which case all his actions would make a small amount of sense.
  1. Room Key


  • If you have ever been a little too wasted on a night out and done something stupid, then chances are you’ll identify with this guy.
  • After partying a little too hard one night his friends were trying desperately to get him back to his dorm room. However getting a drunk person to stop drinking is harder than it looks, especially when they swallow their room key to stop you.
  • Friends tried to get the key back up, including using the Heimlich maneuver but it was no use. They waited till he sobered up and took him to a hospital but hey at least he got to stay out partying for the rest of the night.
  1. An Airplane


  • Really this one guy probably could have filled the whole list up but that would have been pretty boring.
  • However his greatest feat of eating a whole airplane is definitely not. Michael Lotito’s claim to fame is being able to consume indigestible things. Bicycles, computers, shopping carts…you name it, he’s ate it. The jewel in his crown though is eating an entire Cessna aircraft.
  • Consumed piece by piece, Michael was able to swallow and pass the plane with no issues. According to him none of the crazy stuff he ate made him sick but hard boiled eggs and bananas were a no go.
  1. Dog Vomit with Kitty Litter


  • Where to even start with this one… look if you are a parent…please watch your children at ALL times.
  • This story came from one unlucky person’s childhood, recounting how they and their friend found an odd crystal substance on the floor one day. Of course being kids, one dared the other to eat the stuff. Apparently this was mainly because the stuff looked like sugary candy…key word being apparently.
  • After eating some of the disgustingly sour floor food the kid found out what it was. Kitty Litter that the dog had eaten and then vomited up.


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