9 Weirdest Ways People Have Made Money


From apps that can make you cash to how pollution can work in your favor, we look 9 Weirdest Ways People Have Made Money.

  1. T-Shirt & Face Advertising


  • Advertising is one of the most lucrative industries on the face of the Earth, so it’s surprise that you can get paid to be a human billboard.
  • These two cases of genius entrepreneurs follow the same rule, if you are willing to look like a tool in public then its payday. Jason Sadler started selling ad space on his t-shirts in 2005 and surprisingly business has boomed. Making around half a million a year just to have bad fashion sense.
  • Then there’s guys in the UK who went a step further and sold their faces as space for whatever stupid stuff you wanted to put there. Which I suppose there are worse that people could be doing to your face for money.
  1. Professional Mourner


  • Ever wonder how people will mourn you at your funeral? Worried they’ll all be glad you’re gone? Well hire a professional mourner to bring the mood down expertly.
  • People have been making quite a bit of money, rocking up to funerals and putting on their best waterworks because damn it that person they’ve never met was a god given saint.
  • This hasn’t taken off quite as well in the western world but is quite the legitimate profession in some places like Africa. I suppose if you are that worried about how sad your funeral will be you could just try…y’know not being a total dickhead.
  1. Selling your hair


  • Hair is actually one of the most insanely sought after items and not just for balding men.
  • Wigmakers love to use real human hair because it drives up the sale price astronomically. Because if I need a wig damnit I’m not settling for synthetic. Anyway this demand means that people are growing out their hair simply to cut it and send the waste away for cold hard cash.
  • People with waste length hair can make around $4k for their chopped off luscious locks. It’s become so valuable that people are willing to break into hair salons to steal hair.
  1. Checking Promo displays


  • Money making apps have been springing up on your smartphone for a while now but some of them actually work… and no they aren’t about surveys.
  • Companies will pay you money to go to a store and check that they have been setting up their promotional displays properly. Because why pay someone a proper wage to do that when they can get you to do it.
  • Go to the store, find the display, snap a pic and then bam your PayPal is now richer. Of course it’s not huge sums of money but considering all your doing is taking a photo of some cardboard and shelves, it’s not that bad a job.
  1. Selling your soul in shares


  • If you are willing to have your every life choice voted on by shareholders, than you can apparently make some mad cash.
  • Mike Merrill came up with the brilliant idea to sell 100,000 shares in his soul at $1 each. Now what do you get for that? Just the power to make Mike get a vasectomy or invest in a Rwandan chicken farmer. Or at least you get voting rights.
  • But hell if you really want him to get a vasectomy then just buy more shares for more power. It’s a great little exercise in economics that has netted Mike some cash…but at the cost of his free will…kinda like a normal job.


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