10 Crazy Animal Hybrids That Actually Exist

  • From Hinnys to Narlugas, we count 10 crazy hybrid animals that actually exist.

10 – Hinny,


  • You’ve probably heard of mules, but did you know if you breed a male horse and a female donkey instead of a female horse and a male donkey, you get a whole other animal called a Hinny?
  • This is actually the case with most, if not all, hybrid animals.
  • The difference between the two is that Hinnys look more like horses and are smaller, the size difference is thought to be because of donkey wombs being smaller than horses’.
  • Funnily enough it’s actually quite rare to happen without artificial insemination since stallions and jennys are both much more picky about their mates than the other respective sexes.

9 – Leopon,


  • A leopon is what happens when you cross a leopard with a lion and it has spots and a mane, although the spots are smaller and faded and the mane isn’t as thick or majestic.
  • The first person to breed a leopon wasn’t super successful, the lioness bore two cubs and one of them died months after its birth, luckily the other survived for much longer.
  • All leopons were sterile until recently, when someone managed to breed one with a lion-jaguar hybrid, which is called a leoliguar which unfortunately I couldn’t find any pictures of, so I drew you an amazing picture instead.


8 – Cama,


  • Do you like camels, do you like llamas? Well then have I got the animal for you, this little cutie-pie is a cross between a camel and a llama and it was created to be extra fluffy so we could get more wool out of them.
  • When the first cama was still young it was riley and generally misbehaved, especially once it reached sexual maturity where it tried to bang other llamas and a guanaco, whatever that is.
  • Unlike many other hybrids, camas are fertile and have successfully been bred with other camas in order to make many fluffy camas.

7 – Narluga,


  • If you don’t like fluffy then maybe a narwhal crossed with a beluga might interest you, I mean sure it doesn’t have a unicorn horn like half of its parents do, but it’s still so happy to see you.
  • This is one of many, many arctic hybrids that have spawned naturally because of the melting ice caps, it seems that the hybrids are much more robust and better suited to deal with the relatively hot arctic.

6 – Wholphin,


  • When you take a false killer whale, one of the dopiest looking animals around, and cross it with a dolphin you get one weird looking mammal-fish, it seems that very little of the grace of the dolphin gets carried over in this situation.
  • It’s very hard to get a wholphin to exist, it’s difficult to conceive and tends to die not long after being born, but one survived long enough to have offspring, making 3-quarter dolphin wholphins.


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