8 Dumbest Things Done For Love


From removing your own headgear to the most bizarre attempt at winning someone back we look 8 dumbest things done for love.

  1. Ripping your braces off


  • Having braces as a teen is not the easiest thing to go through but most kids don’t resort to ripping them off just to get a date.
  • This teen found out his crush wanted nothing to do with him so after 4 years of wearing the headgear he decided to take action. Ripping the braces off with a pair of nail clippers, yessh.
  • Moral of the story? She actually said yes to going out with him afterwards. So rip your braces off?? Actually no, don’t do that and definitely not with a pair of nail clippers.
  1. Call in a bomb threat


  • This clingy Chilean girlfriend decided that instead of talking about how she felt, she could spell it out by making a bomb threat.
  • See her partner was leaving the country to become a cruise ship waiter, so on the day he was flying out she decided to call the airline and tell them the plane was going to explode.
  • That’s much easier than just telling Rodrigo “don’t leave, I love you”. No instead you should annoy the hell out of the other passengers, the police and your boyfriend…Oh wait he was pretty flattered by it… These two must be soul mates then.
  1. Fake a hate crime


  • Don’t waste time on couple’s counselling, just burn a cross in the yard and blame the KKK to save your marriage.
  • If that sounds dumb as hell then congratulations, you aren’t LB Williams. Fearing his wife was going to leave him he decided to pull the ol’ burning cross to scare his wife into staying.
  • Why would that scare her? Well the couple was interracial so along with cross came a lovely note saying “You better not leave that N****r”. What was the plan here LB? Look shocked and just say “well you better do what the racists say darling”.  If that was the plan he didn’t stick to it long and confessed to the bizarre act of love.
  1. Turn down your dream job


  • It’s not every day your dream job lands in your lap so if you are going to turn it down for love, make sure it’s gonna be worth it.
  • This redditor told the story of how a programming job with Microsoft came knocking at his door buuuut it required moving away from his sweetheart. Obviously love won the battle.
  • It did not however win the war and the couple ended up splitting. Since then he hasn’t been able to get job programming. Unfortunately there’s no code for undoing poor life decisions.


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