Top 15 Dumbest Video Game Controversies


From polygonal boobs to philosophical debates, we count 15 of the dumbest controversies related to video games.

15 – The Texas Chainsaw Massacre,


  • Back in 1983 a game came out for the Atari 2600 based on the infamous Texas Chainsaw Massacre movie; what was different about this game was that you played as the antagonist instead of the protagonist.
  • The fact that you played as mass murderer with a mask made of human skin was a cause for concern because video games were considered to only be for kids back then.
  • What’s ridiculous about this is that if you looked at the actual game you’d realise that if you gave the title to a kid they would have no idea what they were doing thanks to the poor resolution and sprite size making the main character and his actions look like something from a kid’s book.

14 – Mortal Kombat Fatalities,


  • This game is best known for its gruesome finishers in which characters would mangle and maim their enemies in the last moments of a match, the goriness of the finishers caused some outrage.
  • The controversy over this and some other games mentioned in this list led to the creation of the ESRB.
  • I understand the complaint, because how on Earth were parents supposed to know that a game with a name like Mortal Kombat would involve gore and violence? I mean maybe if the developers weren’t so sly and named it combat with a C they could understand that the game contains violence that a child should probably avoid.

13 – BMX XXX,                  


  • Polygonal titties are easily the most offensive thing in the entire world, or at least according to the American and Australian public they are.
  • BMX XXX includes some blocky shapes that resemble mammaries and thanks to this fact many major retailers refused to ship the game and Sony declined the developers request to allow the game to be developed for the PS2 and of course Australia just removed the ‘nudity’ altogether.
  • With all of the negative press, unavailability and censorship the game did poorly enough to contribute to the company’s bankruptcy, I mean the game really wasn’t that great but nudity is far from the worst thing in the world.

12 – Grand Theft Auto 5 Removed From Target,


  • If you’ve paid any attention to video game news since 1997 you’d know that almost every Rockstar game release generates enough butt-hurt for the World Health Organisation to declare a haemorrhoid pandemic.
  • Well GTA 5 was no exception to this rule as there was a petition created by activists claiming that GTA 5 promoted violence against women, their reasoning was that if you kill a hooker after having sex with her you can kill her and get your money back.
  • Funnily enough, that’s how it works in real life too and it’s not like this act is considered illegal in the game, right? Oh wait, it is, just like every other random act of murder in the game.

11 – Bully Promotes Bullying,


  • According to Jack Thompson the game Bully is about taking over a school through nefarious acts such as emotionally and physically destroying anyone that gets in your way.
  • When he found out that you could get your male avatar to kiss other males he was quoted as saying “Good luck with your Teen rating now.” Because obviously being gay is something that teens should be shielded from.
  • If he actually played the game he’d know that the goal is to unite the school against the bullies and overthrow their reign of terror over the children.
  • He did get one thing right: you actually can get the protagonist, Jimmy, to kiss other boys, of course the ESRB knew about this already and had taken that into consideration when giving the game its rating, probably because they aren’t homophobic morons.


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