15 Greatest Video Game Hoaxes


10 – Zhu Xian 2 – Teleporter Caught on CCTV,


  • An unbelievable video to be sure, but a well-done one presented in an interesting way; just before a bike is hit by a car a person teleports the bike out of the way.
  • This was a marketing stunt for a Chinese game; Zhu Xian 2, which is an MMORPG and is better known as Jade Dynasty in the west.
  • However well the video did didn’t seem to impact the game because, like most MMOs, Zhu Xian 2 isn’t doing all that well in either the east or the west.

9 – Fallout 3 – Precognitive Morse Code,


  • Like Herobrine, this hoax started as a creepypasta that gained a rather large following of believers.
  • The general gist of it is that there’s a super-secret radio station with Three Dog listing off Morse code that tells the future.
  • The story itself was interesting and creepy, but the concept of a video game predicting the future is too farfetched to convince anyone with any semblance of rationality.
  • To top it all off, the creepypasta has already been proven wrong since a couple of the events it predicted didn’t happen when the story said they would.

8 – Super Smash Bros. 4: Rayman ‘leak’,


  • Of all the fake leaks surrounding Super Smash Bros. 4 this is easily the most convincing one.
  • The initial leak appeared on multiple sites like 4chan and Reddit where the video was picked apart and ultimately most people agreed it was real, that is until the person that made it came along and proved it was fake with a video showing how he did it.

7 – Majora’s Mask HD for Wii U,


  • This was an elaborate ruse made by someone that clearly had too much time on their hands; either that or it was a project for the creator’s university course.
  • The video showed deku-scrub Link talking to the happy mask salesman and it was very convincing with the graphical fidelity being just high enough to be on the Wii U but not so great that it exceeded the public perception of what the Wii U could produce.

6 – 15 Year Old Goes to Jail for Swatting,


  • With all the tales of someone calling the SWAT team on streamers people were anxious to see someone throw a book at one of the perpetrators, however, (almost) no one wanted a 15 year old to go to jail for 25 years.
  • The original article on National Report proved to be fake, which is lucky on multiple accounts; lucky that a kid isn’t going to jail for 25 years and lucky that a man wasn’t shot as part of a stupid prank.


  • Lewd (30%)
  • Wat (26%)
  • Epic (19%)
  • Creepy (13%)
  • No (13%)