10 Unbelievable Things That Have Fallen From The Sky


From a full-grown cow to ­­­­­­cold hard cash, we count ten unbelievable things that have fallen from the sky!

10 – Spider Rain,


  • Twenty-year-old arachnophobic web designer Erick Reis had his worst fear come true while driving to a town called Santo Antonio da Platina as literally thousands of spiders suddenly rained down from the sky!
  • Erick somehow pulled himself out of the foetal position long enough to film the phenomenon and post it YouTube, where it went viral.
  • University of Parana Biologist Marta Fischer believes Erick likely saw the Anelosimus eximius spider, which is about the size of a pencil eraser, which usually hangs out in trees and creates enormous webs that act as parachutes whenever a strong wind comes along.

9 – Meat,


  • On March 9, 1876, the events of Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs happened for real as a meat shower fell near the house of Olympian Springs resident, Allen Crouch. The meat rain covered a strip of ground roughly a hundred yards long and fifty wide.
  • The sky was perfectly clear at the time, and Allen described the meat as being similar to large snowflakes. Two brave carnivores who tasted the meat believed it was a either mutton or venison. However, further examination by The Royal Microscopical Society of Great Britain determined the meat was actually lung tissue from either a horse or a human infant.
  • It’s believed a pack of buzzards had probably just eaten a pack of dead horses and either dropped or expelled the meat. The obvious lesson is don’t eat strange meat from the floor. Sorry, Homer, that means no more floor pie.

8 – Worms,


  • On March 4, 2001 at the Galashiels Academy in the United Kingdom, David Crichton’s soccer class was in the middle of a game when the students were suddenly pelted with dozens of earthworms raining down from the sky.
  • One teacher’s expert opinion was that it was a ‘freaky weather thing’, but it happened on a clear and sunny day (which, given this was in England, is pretty freaky in itself).
  • No buildings or aircraft were nearby, which rules out practical jokes, nor were there any water spouts. I guess this X-File case will remain unsolved.

7 – Blood,


  • In 2008, residents of Columbian town La Sierra Choco claimed that blood actually rained down on their small community.
  • A bacteriologist brought in from another town to test a sample of the substance confirmed that it was in fact blood.
  • The town’s parish priest, Johnny Milton Cordoba, claimed the blood was a sign from God and suggested that people urgently needed to change their sinful ways.

6 – Fish


  • In 2004, locals from Lajamanu reported hundreds and hundreds of small white fish falling from the sky. The town is on the edge of the Tanami Desert and is hundreds of kilometres from any lakes or coastlines.
  • This was not even the only time this freak meteorological phenomenon occurred in the area. It also happened not once, but twice in February 2010.
  • Scientists blame waterspouts, which have been known to suck fish and other marine life up through the tornado’s vortex, blow them around in the clouds until wind speed decreases and then cast them back down to the ground, often miles away from where they started.


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