15 Worst Parents Ever


From parents who neglect their children for video games to a mother who attempted to sell her daughter’s virginity, we count fifteen parents who should’ve never been allowed to reproduce.

15 – Smoking during Pregnancy,


  • Charlie Wilcox caught the world’s attention in 2011 when she revealed she’d smoked 3,500 cigarettes during the course of her pregnancy.
  • She believed smoking so many cigarettes was helping her baby’s development, forcing its lungs to strengthen to accommodate all the harsh chemicals.
  • Charlie actually believed quitting smoking would’ve been detrimental to her baby’s health. Like how when you’re bashing your face into a wall you don’t want to stop because you know deep down anything that causes that much facial bruising must somehow be good for you.
  • During the pregnancy, the unborn child had dangerously high carbon monoxide levels, but this did not deter Charlie.
  • Baby Poppy was eventually born underweight and premature, but Charlie insists there’s no correlation. It was, like, totally a coincidence.

14 – Baby for Sale,


  • In 2012, new mum Brittany Hill was arrested for trying to sell her four-month-old baby in the classifieds section of her local newspaper.
  • Right there in print – presumably next to ads such as Call for Banjo Lessons and MASSAGE HOT XXX ASIAN GIRLS! – were the words: Baby for Sale and the meagre asking price of $4,000. Yes, $4,000! That’s all this human life was worth to her.
  • An interested buyer called and arranged to make the dodgy transaction in Texas. However, upon realising there were no lawyers on hand or documents to sign, the buyer got cold feet and reported the woman to the fuzz.

13 – Hot Iron as Punishment,


  • In 2011, Hope Adele Askew lost her temper and pressed a hot iron to her daughter’s face – twice. The poor girl had failed to correctly pronounce a few words while reading a book. According to Mama Askew – whose point of view was definitely askew – this crime was punishable by first-degree burns.
  • The extreme disciplinary measure left the ten-year-old child with severe scarring, which was quickly reported by school officials. Askew invented a story about a hot skillet, but social workers discovered the truth.
  • Askew showed little remorse. She didn’t even give her daughter any medical attention. What a biatch.

12 – Disciplining via Medieval Duel,


  • Cosplayers take their shit very seriously. For example, a crazed Seattle dad was charged with second-degree assault after forcing his teenage daughter to fight him in a violent medieval duel. The duel was punishment because the girl had snuck out to a party.
  • Role-player and Renaissance enthusiast Fremon Seay admitted to beating his sixteen-year-old daughter, then challenging her to an actual Game of Thrones-style duel.
  • The fight involved wooden swords and lasted two hours before the girl collapsed from exhaustion.
  • Fremon and his wife insisted it was their right to discipline their child however they saw fit. Apparently, her age and disobedience meant beating her with wood wasn’t abuse.

11 – Child Starves to Death While Parents Play Online Game,


  • A South Korean couple was arrested for neglecting their three-month-old baby girl, allowing her to starve to death. The infant was left unattended at home while the couple spent hours at internet cafés obsessively playing a game where they raised a virtual
  • The unemployed couple lost all desire to live in the real world because they had no prospects and didn’t know how to look after their premature baby. The online world was an escape from reality.
  • The case has highlighted the dangers of internet addiction: a disturbingly common problem in South Korea.


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