10 YouTubers That Died


From cancer victims to dare devils who tried to outrace a speeding train, we count ten YouTubers who died before their time.

10 – Zach Sobiech,


  • Minnesota musician Zach Sobiech was lead singer of the band A Firm Shake and was diagnosed with the bone cancer osteosarcoma at age fourteen.
  • When told he had only a year left to live, Zach uploaded a song called ‘Clouds’ about his battle with cancer to the Woolly Rhino YouTube account. The video achieved over twelve million views and the song reached the Billboard Hot 100 and became a hit in several countries.
  • Zach died in 2013 and Dwight Shrute – I mean, Rainn Wilson – released a documentary called My Last Day on his SoulPancake YouTube channel.

9 – Edd Gould,


  • Edd Gould was an animator who ran the popular comedy webtoon Eddsworld entirely from his home studio in Britain.
  • Tragically, Edd was diagnosed with cancer in 2006. At first he was able to fight it, but was re-diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia in 2011.
  • Edd was abruptly killed by the disease in early 2012. His friends continue to put out animations on his channel, which is a nice silver lining for fans of Edd’s work.

8 – Clara Cannucciari,


  • Proving old people and technology aren’t hopelessly incompatible, Clara Cannucciari reached generations of viewers with her popular YouTube Depression Era Cooking show. She improved people’s lives by teaching them cheap and easy ways to cook delicious meals, like she had to do when living through the Great Depression.
  • Clara lived to be ninety-eight and was likely the oldest YouTube star there is. She was born in 1915 and passed away peacefully in 2013. She probably runs some kick-ass cooking school in heaven.

7 – Daniel Kyre,


  • With a group of his friends, Daniel Kyre made madcap YouTube videos as Cyndago that were so popular that YouTube mega star Mark Fischbach, aka Markiplier, signed them up. Cyndago produced a string of YouTube hits.
  • However, on September 2015, tragedy struck when Daniel was found in a critical condition in his room after attempting to commit suicide. He suffered irreversible brain damage from an undisclosed cause and had to be taken off life support two days later.
  • Daniel’s millions of teenage fans are still processing the loss of someone they felt intimately close to.

6 – Ben Breedlove,


  • Ben Breedlove was a Texan internet celebrity who ran a popular relationship advice channel called OurAdvice4You with his friends. He also had two other channels: BreedloveTV and TotalRandomness512.
  • Sadly, Ben developed a rare heart condition called HCM at a young age, which caused his heart muscle to thicken. He explained it in his two-part video titled ‘This Is My Story’, both of which became huge viral successes totalling over fourteen million views.
  • Christmas was cancelled for Ben’s family in 2011, as Ben ended up passing away from cardiac arrest on Christmas Eve. He was eighteen. Rapper Kid Cudi was so touched by Ben’s death that he dedicated his third album to Ben.


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